Determining Value When Selling a Dermatology Clinic

Selling a dermatology clinic can be a complex and emotionally charged endeavor. Whether you’re retiring, moving on to a new venture, or simply looking to cash in on your hard work, understanding how to evaluate the value of your practice is crucial. This process requires a mix of financial acumen and an appreciation for the non-financial aspects that make your clinic unique.


It is important to understand the factors when evaluating your dermatology clinic’s value, especially the revenue and profit it generates. Prospective buyers will want to see a consistent track record of financial success.


Assess your clinic’s assets, which include equipment, real estate, and inventory. You can also calculate your liabilities, including outstanding debts and leases. Doing this can provide you with a clearer picture of your clinic’s net worth.


How many patients do you get per month? Your patient base is a significant factor in determining your clinic’s value. A robust and loyal patient list can be a valuable asset for potential buyers.

Reputation and Location

A positive reputation in the community can make a difference in your clinic’s value – in addition to your clinic’s standing in the industry and its accessibility to patients are crucial.

Staff and Culture

Your clinic’s staff and workplace culture can be an intangible, but essential part of its value. A skilled, cohesive, and dedicated team can make a clinic more attractive to potential buyers.

ProMed Financial can be Your Partner in this Process

When it comes to practice financing and buying medical practices, ProMed Financial, Inc. is your trusted partner. We offer resources to help you find practice listings and secure working capital loans for a seamless transition. Our extensive network can connect you with potential buyers looking for medical practices for sale.


Evaluating the value of your dermatology clinic when selling is a multi-faceted task. Combining financial metrics with the non-financial aspects can help you determine the right selling price. Partner with ProMed Financial, Inc. to make the process smoother, ensuring a fair deal that benefits both you and the clinic’s new owner.