What is the Fair Market Value?

This is the beginning of our relationship. 

Through our expertise and exposure to hundreds of practice sales we are easily able to identify the inherent value of your practice by applying our proprietary method of analysis.

This complimentary service will provide you with a range of value to consider.

Knowing what your business is really worth, and fully understanding the value, improves the chances of a successful transfer of ownership and allows you to plan an effective strategy.  

This way you will be offered the best sales price, when the time is right.


There are a variety of reasons why you may need a written report. Often partnership relationships that are dissolving or a complex situation involving personal issues such as divorce or just needing to have a statement that outlines the value for future sales are some of the major reasons.

We offer a courtesy valuation and this may be sufficient initially.  Usually the Buyer’s Accountant/Consultant will spend time during the Due Diligence to ascertain or agree with the Fair Market Value we have quoted.

A professional, 28 page extensive appraisal is not always needed and quite frankly often will contain a lot of “fluff” that is unnecessary but costly.  We can always provide a one page summary of value for a very minimal cost.